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    ‚ÄčOur 10 years of tax and accounting coupled with over 20 years of manufacturing, process controls, and managerial background, we are uniquely positioned to strategically improve your processes to operate more efficiently and profitably! 

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Providing strategic planning, execution and coaching to help grow your business from within.  

Providing business owners and individuals a unique program to change your mindset to enable you to gain complete and total control over your personal finances.

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Strategic Planning, Execution, and Coaching

Helping your business grow from within by analyzing your Finances, Operations, Leadership, Mission/Vision/Values, and Brand, and if desired, by providing ongoing coaching services.  

Financial Intelligence

A Guide For Everyone to Gain Complete and Total Financial Control Over Their Finances.

Who We Are ?

About Us

We are passionate about helping businesses grow and helping people increase their net worth.  We use proven methods for business owners to strategically assess their entire situation by evaluating their financials, operations, leadership, values/mission/vision, and their brand.  Using the data gathered, we provide ongoing consulting services to pinpoint your key performance indicators to improve your processes, and making you more efficient and more profitable.  

Our Financial Intelligence course is a six-week course designed to help everyone, not just business owners, to assess and change their mindset about their individual finances.  We dive into your current mindset and financial situation and help you define and set goals and help you create methods to put or keep more money in your pocket to increase your net worth and to be able to do the things you want to do in life.   We designed this process from many years of personal experience and research.  Not only did we design the program, we use it daily in our personal life.  

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From helping business owners strategically assess your operations to coaching them through the process, to helping individuals gain complete and total control over your finances, we are here to lend a hand or an ear to our clients.  

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