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    What We Value

    Care:  We care about all of our clients and work to establish long term valuable relationships.

    Truth:  Even though the truth is hard to hear sometimes, we work to maintain open and honest lines of             communications.

    Diligence:  We put the appropriate amount of time and effort into each task to either provide an appropriate                     amount of information, or to prevent taking up too much of our clients valuable time.

    Integrity:  We work to do the right thing for our clients at all times.  

What we do and why it matters

Our 10 years of tax and accounting coupled with over 20 years of manufacturing, process controls, and managerial background, uniquely positions us to help you strategically assess your processes to help you close the hidden holes to operate more efficiently and profitably! 

We are passionate about helping businesses grow and helping people increase their net worth.  We use proven methods for business owners to strategically assess their entire situation by evaluating their financials, operations, leadership, values/mission/vision, and their brand.  Using the data gathered, we can provide ongoing consulting services to pinpoint your key performance indicators to improve your processes, and help you become more efficient and more profitable. 

Our Financial Intelligence course is a six-week course to help everyone, not just business owners, to change their mindset about their individual finances.  We dive into your current mindset and financial situation and help you define and set goals and help you create methods to put or keep more money in your pocket to increase your net worth and to be able to do the things you want to do in life.   We designed this process from many years of personal experience and research.  We not only designed it, we use it daily in our personal lives.

Our Vision and Mission

Through our Strategic Planning, We help Small to Midsize businesses realize that growth starts from within the organization, and the road to success starts with a good strategic plan that is executed through data driven decision making.

Through our proven Financial Intelligence Program, we help individuals change their mindset about financial goal setting and provide the tools to set and track their goals and personal key performance indicators, and setting them on the path to increased net worth to be able to do the things they want to do in life.

Our History

Originally started as All County Tax Services, LLC (www.allcountytaxservices.com), we found that our tax clients were often lacking a good vision and mission statement, a personal financial plan, didn't have their Key Performance Indicators developed, and definitely weren't tracking them.  We set out to put our clients on a path to increased profits and individual net worth.  As a result, Seismic Strategic Consultants was formed.  The name was derived one night as I was sitting in my office working on a plan for a client, and an earthquake hit.  It was at that moment I realized that sometimes you need to shake things up just a little bit to find out what is working (i.e. what hangs on the wall during an earthquake), and what doesn't work (things that fall off the wall).   From there you can match your vision and mission with what you have that is working and what isn't working and change the course of your situation.  Our processes are designed to be long-term, ongoing, and ever evolving and improving.  

Not only do you get access to all of our materials and tools, you get access to us personally as coaches and partners in your path to success.

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Our team of

Bob Cross


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Phoenix, Class of 2014.
  • Enrolled Agent with over 10 years in the tax industry
  • Lean Six Sigma Certifications
  • Over 25 years in Operational Management and Entrepreneurship

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